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​​Montgomery Whitewater PROJECT

About Us

The Montgomery Whitewater Project as a world-class, Olympic-standard whitewater and outdoor activities center, is designed to dramatically improve economic conditions west of downtown along the I-65 corridor.

The 120-acre facility includes one of the few recirculating whitewater parks in the country – a unique attraction that provides dynamic outdoor recreation. It will also include a number of similarly challenging and complementary features in addition to whitewater rafting and kayaking, including zip-lining, mountain biking, ropes courses, climbing, and more.

A common misconception is that whitewater parks only appeal to those seeking high-intensity water activities, like kayakers, surfers, standup paddlers, and rafters. S2O Design and Engineering – a company recognized as the global leader in whitewater park design and engineering – reports that only about one in seven park visitors actually gets “in the water.” S2O exemplifies the outlook that the burgeoning water park industry is taking: a comprehensive approach to design that considers how each user type and the community as a whole will experience the river and surrounding areas. 

"This project will create a space for our residents to enjoy and bring visitors to our county in numbers we've never seen,” said Montgomery County Commission Chairman Elton Dean. “This is the type of forward thinking, quality of life project that will grow Montgomery's population by enticing millennials to move here and stay here. The impact of this will reverberate across our community and return the investment in more ways than we can imagine. Not only will it improve the lives of citizens, but it will attract new tourists and give existing visitors a reason to stay one more night, which equates to an increase in tax revenue for the community. It will generate additional revenue, create opportunities for new and existing small and minority businesses, and add another world-class attraction to our destination."  

The facility’s construction is scheduled to begin early summer 2021, with a grand opening of summer 2023. 

Economic Impacts

Construction Impact (one time):

  • $39.8 million in Output
  • $22.5 million in Earnings

Operation Impact (reoccurring):

  • $35.0 million in Output
  • $11.3 million in Earnings

Tourism Impact:

  • 100,000 trips per day along I-65
  • At 2% capture: Tourism Impact of $36.5 million
  • At 5% capture: Tourism Impact of $91.0 million

Fiscal Impact for County and City (annual estimate)*

  • Earnings From Operation: $1.0 million
  • Tourism - Park Visitors (64,000 patrons): $0.8 million
  • Tourism - Pass Through Visitors @ 2%: $2.4 million
  • Tourism - Extended Stay- Destination Impact: $1.8 million
  • Total Annual Fiscal Impact: $6.0 million
    * Does not include local visitors to the park